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Breast Reduction

This surgery is cosmetic and reconstructive and it is suitable for large breasts, which over time present ptosis (drooping), causing disorders in posture and back pain due to weight excess, many times presenting asymmetry (one breast different from the other) or even an exaggerated increase of the areola size, which may be corrected surgically. It is performed in women over 16 years old, and in special cases it is recommended as a complementary resource for the prophylactic treatment of some breast diseases.

Providing the patients aesthetic harmonic breasts, fit to their body type as well as adjusting their size, shape, volume and position, thus enabling the improvement of self-esteem and body beauty.

There are numerous techniques that may be employed for this type of surgery and the surgeon shall employ the proper technique to the physical type and breast type and shall reconcile it with the patient’s desire. In this kind of procedure, the excessive skin, glandular tissue and fat are removed. Surgical techniques which determine the type and size of the scar vary depending on the breast size and skin sagging degree. It is possible to have scars in a “1″ or “T” inverted or periareolar shape. For very large and sagging breasts, often the inverted “T” technique is used. When the breasts are only sagging, the “L” or “1″ techniques are usually adopted, leaving much smaller scars. Anyway, the types of scars are well positioned by the surgeon, in order that they are as less apparent as possible.

However, the improvements start to be noticed in the first 30 days, with the reduction of the edema (swelling). Between the 6th and 12th months, the breasts reach their final aspect concerning scars, shape, texture, volume and sensitivity, when there is scar maturation.

24 hours.

General, epidural, or in special cases, local with aided sedation.

It varies according to the type of breast, but the average is 3 hours.

Since the medical recommendations are followed, the post-operative period is not usually painful. Our routine is as follows:
– CEPHALEXIN 500mg, 1 pill every 6 hours, during 7 days.
– TYLENOL or paracetamol (generic) 750mg every 8 hours, in case of pain or TILEX 30mg, every 8 hours.
– VITAMIN C 500mg per day.

Wear bra 24 hours a day until completing 3 months.
Do not raise the arms, above 90 degrees, for 20 days (ask someone else to wash and comb your hair).
Do not sleep facing downwards or on the breast.
Do not sunbathe for 3 months.
Do not carry weight.
Wear light clothing.
Housework: not wash the dishes, move furniture, sweep or do any cleaning in the house for 30 days.
Do not go to the gym or do any work out, at first for 30 days, returning gradually to the activities. Always consult before returning to the activities.
Do not drive for 30 days.
Do not carry children on the lap for 30 days.
Avoid crowds.
Do not go to the beach, enter the sea or pool or take immersion baths for 30 days.

After the authorization to go to the beach, use 30, 40 or 50 SPF sunblock, rubbing it on the scars under the bikini, for a 6-month period.

48 hours after surgery (shower). Bath with Soapex, always before dressing the wound.

After 48 hours, only remove the gauzes only, leaving the Micropore tape that is in direct contact with the wound. After bathing, dry the Micropore tapes well with a clean towel and hair dryer (cold air). Soon after, apply alcohol and put gauzes and Micropore tape again in the area of the scar. This type of dressing should be made until the removal of all stitches (ranging between 7 and 15 days), according to recommendations.

Use of moisturizer, applying it all over the breast, 1 to 2 times a day, doing a light circular massage in the scars. Use rosehip oil or Contractubex, applying it on the scars 3 times a day (it improves the quality of the scar).

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