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Silicone Prosthesis

INDICATION: This type of surgery is indicated for women who present not developed breast size and wish a larger bust. It is also performed in cases of breast size reduction due to pregnancy or weight loss, in women with asymmetrical breasts, i.e., unequal breasts, and in those who need to rebuild the breast after mastectomy (surgery to remove breast in cancer cases). This surgery provides excellent results, mainly due to the development of new silicone-gel prostheses, which may have porous (textured) membranes or be coated with polyurethane. These prostheses facilitate the internal healing process and provide a much more natural aspect to the breasts. The development of innovative techniques has also helped to make the breast increase mammoplasty safer and able to provide results that transform the breasts into true masterpieces, in addition to letting them firmer and more graceful. TECHNIQUE: This surgery leaves minimal scarring or that does not appear since the incisions may be hidden in the bottom half of the areola in a half moon shape, in the furrows below the breasts or even on the armpit. The prosthesis is always introduced below the breast (subglandular or submuscular) tissue to present a very natural aspect and not changing the breast physiology, in order that the patient may breastfeed if she becomes pregnant after surgery. The presence of breast prosthesis does not cause inconvenience to the investigation and diagnosis of breast diseases by physical examinations (palpation), ultrasonography and mammography. RESULTS: They may be noticed around the 30th day and are permanently established at the end of the 3rd month. In the past, the prosthesis exchange was recommended every 10 or 15 years. Today, as the prosthesis material is more modern, there is not a specific period for the exchange. But examination such as ultrasonography and mammography, which are suitable for monitoring and medical evaluation, shall be annual. PERIOD OF HOSPITALIZATION: 12 to 24 hours. ANESTHESIA: Epidural or local with sedation. SURGICAL TIME: 1 to 2 hours. POST-OPERATIVE: It is usually painless, especially if the medical recommendations are observed. POST-OPERATIVE ROUTINE: Keep relative rest in bed, avoiding efforts. Keep the head raised at 45 degrees or with two large pillows under it. Continue with the medication with no interruptions after surgery. Liquid or paste food in the first 24 hours. Report any abnormalities or doubts. Wear bra 24 hours a day for 10 days. And as of this period, wear a gym top for 20 days. Avoid movements that raise the arms above shoulder height. Avoid moving the arms beyond the back line. Do not remove the shaping Micropore tapes. Do not sleep facing downwards or on the breast during this period. Do not sunbathe for 30 days. Do not carry weight for 30 days. Housework: do not wash the dishes, move furniture, sweep or do any cleaning in the house for 15 days. Do not go to the gym or do any work out, at first for 30 days, returning gradually to the activities. Always consult before returning to the activities. Do not drive for 10 days. Return to work 05 to 07 days after surgery. SUNBLOCK USE: After the authorization to go to the beach, use 30, 40 or 50 SPF sunblock, rubbing it on the scars under the bikini, for a 6–month period. TOTAL BODY BATH: 24 hours after surgery (shower). Always bath before dressing the wound. DRESSING AND CARE WITH THE SCARS: After 24 hours, remove the gauzes only, leaving the Micropore tape that is in direct contact with the wound. After bathing, dry the Micropore tapes well with a clean towel and hair dryer (cold air). Soon after, apply alcohol and put gauzes and Micropore tape again in the area of the scar. This type of dressing should be made until the removal of all stitches (ranging between 7 and 10 days), according to recommendations.

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