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The correction of “floppy ears” is advised in the pre-school age, avoiding psychological problems for the children at school, where they are usually labeled with several pejorative nicknames. The main objective is the reduction of the angle between the ears and head, and secondarily, in some cases, the size of the inner ears may be adjusted. These are cases in which the ears are positioned very open on the head sides and may also not present the cartilage contours of a regular ear. To achieve this goal, we start the patients’ evaluation with a deep study of the facial features and proportions. In most cases there is no need for hospitalization, and the patients are allowed to return to their regular activities immediately.

The goal of this surgery is to replace ears correctly, placing the cartilage in the right position, removing skin excess behind the ear, thus shaping the details of its contour, besides promoting a healthy psychological aspect for the children, thereby improving their self-esteem and aesthetic appearance before the society.

The otoplasty techniques vary according to each patient. There are currently tens of techniques for this type of surgery. The best technique to be used will be the one that is most suitable for the patient.

The results are quite satisfactory and may be noticed as of the 7th day, after the dressing removal. In general, as of the 2nd month the ears acquire a definitive appearance. It is important to highlight that a slight asymmetry of the ears is completely normal, even in people who have no aesthetic imperfections and never underwent a surgery.

12 to 24 hours.

Local or general.

1 hour and 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Wash the face daily, especially the ears, 48 hours before surgery, with antiseptic soap.
Maintain complete fasting, including water, for 8 hours before surgery.
Bring to the clinic only personal use objects and light clothes, preferably front buttoned ones.
The surgery patients should be assisted by a companion to go back to their homes.

In our routine, the dressing is removed in the day after surgery, we make new asepsis and cover the wound again with gauzes and Crepe band, which will be kept for 7 days. After this period, the band will be then removed completely. After that, the patient shall use a tennis headband during 30 days to shape the ears.

Between the 7th and 14th day.

Keep the bed head raised, avoiding sleeping on side posture or facing downwards.
The diet should be balanced, rich in liquid, fiber, protein and vitamins and low in sugar and fat. Try to drink plenty of water.
Avoid hot or dusty environments.
Keep the ears protected, preventing injuries.
Avoid movements to lower and raise the head sharply.
The use of glasses shall be careful until the full consolidation of the surgery tissues.
The dressing removal bandage will be on the 2nd post-operative day and it will be replaced by the shaping headband.
Walking and light exercising are allowed after 15 days.
Adults usually return to work after 3 to 5 days and children return to their activities around a week after the procedure, and should avoid more intensive recreation.
Exposure to sunlight after 30 days with use of sunblock.
Keep the tennis or dance headband for 1 month.
Do not sleep on the ear.
Return to the gym after 30 or 45 days.

The surgery to correct “floppy ears” presents quite satisfactory results. The aspect is natural, being the scars completely undetectable, since they are placed behind the ears. Surgery children, free of being bothered by colleagues, face the school period easily and have better socialization.

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