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Facial Lifting

This surgery is indicated for faces that present sagging, furrows and expression wrinkles accentuated over time. It is performed more often in patients as of 40 years old.

PURPOSE: The Facial Lifting purpose is the promotion of the skin, face and neck repositioning, seeking for the following results: -Smoothing of forehead wrinkles. -Lifting of the eyebrows. -Decrease of crow’s feet – Furrows between nose and mouth. -Removal of excessive skin and fat from the neck (double chin). -Highlight the mandibular line, which is a remarkable characteristic of a young face. -It is important to mention that the goal of a Facial Lifting is not to change the patient’s facial lineament, but to provide a slight rejuvenation of the face, preserving its natural appearance.

TECHNIQUES: The Facial Lifting usually begins with a cervical (neck) liposuction, followed by muscle repositioning in that area. The incision begins below the rib, contouring the ear and ending behind it. The amount of skin to be removed varies according to the patient’s needs, but an excessive removal of skin is never made, in order to prevent that the face looks artificial. At the end of the cervicofacial treatment, the eyelid surgery starts, ending the surgery.

RESULTS: Results begin to be noticed as of the 15th day and become definitive between the 6th and 12th month after surgery. The Lifting provides a significant rejuvenation of the face, but does not stop the natural cellular aging process.


ANESTHESIA: General or local with sedation.

SURGICAL TIME: 3 to 5 hours.

POST-OPERATIVE: It is usually painless. During this period, edemas (swelling), ecchymosis (bruises), and hypersensitivity or insensitivity of some areas are common, disappearing however along the time. Hair may be washed and combed in the day after surgery. Home rest is necessary, in an airy atmosphere during the first week after surgery. The free exposure to the sun is only authorized after the third month, as well as the practice of intense physical exercises.

REMOVAL OF THE STITCHES: Eyelids: Between the 3rd and 7th day. Face, neck and scalp: Between the 5th and 15th day.

DRESSING: The dressing is removed about 24 hours after surgery.

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