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This surgery is indicated for patients with sagging skin, excess fat in the abdomen. It is especially recommended for women who had children, pregnancy as well as stretch the skin and abdominal muscles (rectus abdominis muscle diástese) favors the accumulation of fat in this region and no waist, and usually is not eliminated with diet, diets for weight loss and massage. The age varies, but is commonly performed in people over 35 years. PURPOSE: The goal of this surgery is to improve the body contour in the specific area of ​​the abdomen. Withdrawal of all stripes who are below the navel, waist definition and improvement, removal of excess skin around the abdomen, muscles and repositioning the completion of surgery with liposuction to achieve more satisfactory cosmetic results.Remember that these aesthetic results are not determined only by the amount of fat removed, but also for the treatment of sagging abdominal muscles. Thus the abdomen is to maintain a harmonious proportion to the trunk and limbs. TECHNIQUE: The surgery of the abdomen is performed through an incision shaped Arquier just above the pubic hair line. Its length varies according to the sagging abbominal and therefore the amount of skin to be removed. The correction of anterior laxity of the abdominal muscles (rectus muscles) results in thinning the waist, which is completed in the region with liposuction of the flanks. The scar is positioned to stay hidden under a bikini. The navel is not removed for aesthetic purposes only refurbished. RESULTS: The final results begin to be observed between 6 and 12 months after surgery. It is common in the early days occur edema (swelling) and insensitivity mainly in the lower abdomen. The lymphatic drainage, massage and guidelines contribute to postoperative results to be achieved STAY IN HOSPITAL: 24 to 48 hours. Length of surgery: Between 2 to 4hours. ANESTHESIA: General or epidural. POSTOPERATIVE: The post-operative guidelines are crucial to the success of surgery and should be followed: HOME ON: Do physical exercises (load weight). Do not perform household services such as dishwashers, clothes in hand, move furniture, move broom or cleaning for 30 days. Do not go to the gym or do any type of workout for 45 days at first, gradually returning to activity (slowly), always consult before returning to activity. – Do not raise children on your lap for 30 days. – Do not drive for 15 days. – Avoid crowds. – Do not go on the beach into the sea or pool or bath for 30 days. Use sunscreen: From the release to go on the beach, using factors of 30, 40 or 50 FPS, from the scars underneath the bikini or bathing suit. BATH TOTAL BODY: in 48 hours. (Shower). DRESSING AND CARE OF SCARS: In 48 hours. remove the gases leaving the micropore tape that is in direct contact with the wound, after bathing, dry well micropore tapes with clean towel, hair dryer (cold air), and the navel with dry gauze, rubbing alcohol in navel and above the micropore and cover again with gauze and micropore. The gauze drain placed in the wounds, are usually dirty and bloody discharge should be changed every time you need to. This type of dressing should be done until the stitches are removed and as directed. WITHDRAWAL OF ITEMS: When scores are made or when intradermal use of surgical glue no need to be removed.The external points should be removed between the 7th and 15th day.

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