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Tratamentos Faciais

Preenchimento Facial

This procedure implies the introduction of a substance compatible with the skin in the area to be treated. This substance will fill the area, causing a partial lifting, also stimulating the preexisting fibers. The length of the result will depend on the substance used, since there are permanent and non-permanent materials. The most widely used substance for filling is the hyaluronic acid, which is the natural component of the skin and responsible for its moisture. This substance is not definitive, it is compatible with the skin and causes no allergy, thus testing is not necessary prior to application. There are other substances used in filling: collagen (not definitive), methacrylate (definitive), and acrylamide (definitive), among others. Concerning the product to be applied, it is necessary to check if it is approved and legalized before the Ministério da Saúde. The filling is done in a medical practice appropriate for the procedure. The instruments have specific asepsis and clothing should be also appropriate. The site should be comfortable, lighted and quiet. There is no need of prior preparation for the filling. A local anesthesia, or even the one similar to that used by the dentist is used, depending on the area to be treated. Then, the doctor uses a special type of needle to apply the substance. The application is performed in the area previously chosen, respecting the maximum amounts for each type of product. In the post-operative there may be redness, swelling and hematomas. These effects will depend on the patient’s age, the amount applied and the substance used. The end result of the filling may be observed approximately 15 days after the procedure. The duration of this result will depend on the material used and on the patient’s response. It is important to clarify with the doctor which is the best filler, the indication for each filling, the improvement that may be expected and the length of the result. Remember that the fillers are used to improve and mitigate the furrows, wrinkles and scars and that they may be associated with other types of treatments. Remember to ask about everything, have all your questions answered and especially check the origin and characteristic of the filler material.

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